Transition and Aftercare

transition1For many young adults, Pacific Quest provides the opportunity for a new beginning and meaningful change. From the start of their journey, we begin exploring the concept of true sustainability and the cultivation of new and healthy ways to realize greater health emotionally, mentally and physically. Young adults are immersed in this concept daily through individual and group therapy, physical activity, through educational and recreational outings and community-based organic gardening.

As young adults participate in life at Pacific Quest, they’re consistently learning new concepts and tools to cope with areas of challenge. During the latter stages of the program they are asked to utilize and practice concepts learned within the safety and structure of the environment and then as they gain confidence, in the community. At Pacific Quest, young adults have a unique opportunity to receive feedback and reflect on tools that are working for them and areas of continued focus. This ability to not only process what they’ve learned but practice it in a variety of social settings helps to solidify sustainable change and greater outcomes during transition. Young adults ultimately share themselves with the community around them: caring for local beaches, native forests, and helping with local community events and civic projects. In this way, they begin to test and practice interactions with the outside environment.

As a young adult prepares for the next step in their journey (post Pacific Quest), the therapist develops and presents an assessment of his or her individual needs during transition. The therapist works closely with the young adult, his or her family, and the educational consultant or other referring professional to determine what types of features and support systems are essential for continued success. Each young adult is a part of this important process as they begin to take greater responsibility for their lives.

transitionUpon discharge, therapists at Pacific Quest prepare an immediate Transition Summary which may be provided to the young adult’s next placement. A more detailed Discharge Summary is provided within 30 days of discharge, which may also be useful in an aftercare setting. Appropriate follow-up planning and correspondence is provided by the student’s Pacific Quest therapist, as needed, to ensure a smooth and successful transition.