Alumni Programs

Pacific Quest alumni are a special group… all of our students and families have been through something extraordinary.  They have struggled, faced difficult and challenging emotions and situations, and taken risks outside of their comfort zone.  By doing this, we hope that they also have tackled and overcome some of their life obstacles and have found more productive and healthy relationships with themselves and others.  So, while each family’s journey is unique, it is also one that connects them to each other in quite a remarkable and special way.

All of us at Pacific Quest feel that our past students and families play an important and essential role in our Ohana.  We want to help our past students and families to remain connected to their experience and journey at Pacific Quest after they leave Hawaii.  Our hope is for past students to possibly reconnect with the friendships they found at PQ, for parents to find resources and support from one another, and for prospective families to have a place where they can begin to feel that hope and healing are possible.

Keep checking back!  We will be working diligently on creating a place to keep everyone informed of PQ alumni gatherings around the country, links to various resources, and a portal for postings for those who want to reach out and share thoughts, experiences, questions, and memories.  If you would like to reach us for comments and suggestions please feel free to email Lori Armbruster at


Alumni & Family Services Team