Family Therapy Services and Parent Support

wilderness program for troubled adolescentsPacific Quest recognizes that sustainable change occurs when families are part of the treatment process. To that end, Pacific Quest offers family therapy for some of our families and more individualized support for both parents and siblings (space is limited). Families have weekly, one-hour phone sessions as well as necessary support calls throughout the week with an experienced, licensed therapist to help address their specific goals and challenges as parents and within the family system. This call is in addition to the weekly call parents have with their child’s Primary Therapist at Pacific Quest. This additional support parallels and compliments each young person’s experience in the Pacific Quest program creating a solid, comprehensive and collaborative family treatment plan.

At Pacific Quest We Are:

  • creating a place for you to openly discuss your personal anxieties and concerns
  • helping you to identify your own challenges in parenting and your personal struggles with your young adult child
  • identifying and acknowledging patterns that can be helpful and some that 
 can impact your success in parenting
  • assisting you to develop and create new strategies in parenting, co-parenting and increased positive and productive communication
  • teaching you how to empower your adult child while being clear about your own personal and parental boundaries
  • increasing skills which will allow you to gain confidence in your parenting

Pacific Quest believes that within a family system, siblings can be one of the most powerful agents of change and it’s our commitment to involve siblings through as many different aspects of the program as possible. Within our family therapy component siblings can participate in the weekly calls when appropriate. Siblings can also receive guidance and strategies to manage their own responses to having a brother or sister in treatment.

At Pacific Quest We:

  • enhance and create depth in relationships between siblings
  • guide your family in how to best communicate, connect with your adult child in treatment and with one another at home
  • teach the family tools for identifying and managing emotions and increase effective communication of these emotions

Our family therapist works closely with the each student’s Pacific Quest clinician and the Educational Consultant working with the family. 
We will consistently provide families with direct, clear and compassionate support while ensuring the highest level of continuity of care for the family. With this collaborative approach we are able to quickly determine what is appropriate for a family and will provide support and guidance based on each family’s unique needs.

At Pacific Quest We Are:

  • providing additional objective perspectives and support for the individual family situation and treatment planning
  • incorporating your growth with your son/daughter’s growth into the family process
  • facilitating an understanding of a young adult’s and parent’s developmental stages and teaching healthy progression through those stages
  • assisting in translating the skills gained in treatment and integrating them 
 into your family systems and future environments

Jen Murphy, licensed therapist, provides these additional, therapeutic services to Pacific Quest families. Jen has spent over 10 years working alongside adolescents and their families in therapeutic settings and has spent the last several years honing her therapeutic skills to develop programs providing specific and effective support to the whole family system during the treatment process.