Day In The Life

Day In The Life - wilderness therapy program for adolescentsPacific Quest is the most respected and innovative wilderness therapy program in the industry.  Our adolescent outdoor therapeutic program operates on a 7-acre certified organic farm and a 3-acre historic retreat, both located on the Southern side of the Big Island of Hawaii known as the Ka’u region.

Life at Pacific Quest is a community living experience, a mirror of family life at home, giving the students a opportunity to practice relevant and essential life skills. It is a deliberate and essential tool in the process of treating our students. We provide a very structured environment with room to achieve individual goals and make personal choices. From the moment they arrive, the students are held responsible and accountable for their own actions.

Days consist of many components: Self- care and hygiene, meals, farm/land work, reflection, individual and group therapy, group initiatives, peer communication, journaling and other writing, completing curriculum, goal development and evaluation, as well as wellness education and community service. Within each of these components, each child has their own individualized treatment plan reflected in these daily activities. Activities vary according to the student’s needs and current phase of the program.

Adolescents at the wilderness therapy programEach week, students in the appropriate phase leave the campus farm setting for a chance to visit the sights of the Big Island. This is an opportunity for them to relax and rejuvenate, to enjoy being a kid again, all while learning about different parts of the island. They may visit various beaches (white, black and green sand), Volcanoes National Park, Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Gardens, Mauna Kea Summit Observatories and many other special places. This also serves as a chance for us to learn how each student interacts with the world so we can challenge them with structure out side the Pacific Quest environment.

Day In The Life 2 - outdoor therapeutic program for adolescentsDuring the last phase at Pacific Quest, students participate in various community service activities. Pacific Quest has partnered with several local groups with opportunities for our students to serve and volunteer beyond themselves giving them a look at life’s bigger picture. This element has become an important part of our own staff’s growth as well, since we often take part in these same opportunities. We hope our staff contributions inspire our students to take pride in and desire membership in future communities.

Visit our blog to see pictures and read about some of our adventures and service.


Curriculum & Adolescents - wilderness therapy programThe curriculum at PQ is an essential part of a student’s stay. From the first day, students are responsible for reading and completing the PQ manual. This curriculum consists of many different subjects and disciplines, including personal and academic subject matter. They can expect to learn about self-care, wellness, health, Hawaiian history and culture, geology, environmental science as well as organic and sustainable gardening. Each chapter contains both reading and writing assignments. Our staff provides ample instruction and is available to assist students needing extra help.
Pacific Quest is in the process of obtaining an accreditation for our curriculum. Currently, students can submit their completed curriculum to their respective schools for potential credit.


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